As Christ-followers, we live in the tension between the timefulness and timelessness. That is as close as it gets to eternity on earth. We live in both the temporal tension on earth and eternal rest in God. We are not to be bound by prescribed time-space, but by God, who is master of all. We […]

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Blind Deaf

It’s not that God hasn’t blessed us enough; it’s that we’re blind and deaf to the full extent of His blessings. Go beyond the fog of your concerns and see the world testify of His glory.¬†From Creation out of nothing, sustenance through the Fall, wholly undeserved Redemption from sin, and ultimate hope of Consummation as […]

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Sustenance for Worship

What do we use money for? Or rather, what do we cooperate with each other for (since that is what money facilitates – cooperation)? It seems that sustenance for our worship is the answer. We would pay for whatever sustains us to continue worshipping (see my post “Worship”), regardless of what it is we’re worshipping.¬† […]

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Different Dimensions

I often wonder how certain things run out, when just a moment ago I thought there’s still plenty of that thing (time, money, etc). I figure out this discrepancy comes from the different dimensions my thought and the reality operate. I sometimes think of the availability of time, for instance, in binary and static terms, […]

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What is the real definition of worship? And why does it matter at all to know what we worship? I’ve discovered that to worship something is to conform ourselves to it; to its rules, its nature, its CFRC. And we can broadly categorize objects of worship into 3 distinct levels: Spiritual (God) Material (ourselves/natural objects) […]

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The McGuffin drives the plot, but sometimes it’s not the defining element of the story. It’s how the characters manifest themselves through the plot – what they represent, and how they progress.

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