This blog explores the power of stories as the singular driver of our actions, with the ultimate reference to the Grand Story of God in the Trinity.


Hi, my name is Edward and I work in a media company.

Being in the industry which role is to inform and inspire, I have long struggled to discover what it is that moves anyone to do anything at all. It’s not until recently that I found the key: stories.

We usually consider stories to be a powerful motivator for our actions. But I am now convinced that the stories we believe in is THE one singular factor of what drives us, with the exception of physical reflexes. Whether that story corresponds to the truth, is another matter entirely.

I believe in the GRAND STORY of the Christian God in the Trinity, which structure of CFRC (Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation) is inevitably manifest in all creation. It is my hope that all the exploration in this blog shall ultimately point the readers toward a deeper, ever more glorious nature of our Creator, even as we live out His Story.