Celebrate Life

baby-203048_1280.jpgSometimes, life can seem to be nothing more than a battle between good and evil. Especially so for a Christian. Everything seems to be defined from the lens of redemption. Even joy is to come from suffering for Christ.

And yet there lies the catch. The word “seems”.

Lest we be caught up in the battles, let us remind ourselves that the whole purpose of history is the Kingdom of God – which definition is God’s reign, as opposed to a heavenly place. It is in His reign that we should rejoice, not the battles.

And when we see His reign in the beauty of creation, the land, sea, stars and all that is in it, there is no reason not to rejoice.

Knowing God should give us more and not less reasons to rejoice, for in Him we truly have lives worth rejoicing. In suffering we rejoice, in beauty we rejoice, because we see His compassion behind all of it. If nothing else, remember this; that God created order out of chaos, that He did what He did out of love (meaning not out of necessity but absolute free will), and that He has chosen us to participate in His Kingdom. What else can one ask for! 

So right here, right now, remember God and rejoice!





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