Subject – Object

chess-1483735_1920.jpgWe often start our line of thought with “I want to.. Should I.. Can I..”, unconsciously putting ourselves as the subject of thought we’re pondering. That’s just how an active sentence is formed in English.

However, since our thoughts is intricately intertwined with the way we use language (see Poythress’ book “In the Beginning was the Word” for a rather exhaustive treatment), putting ourselves as the main subject in our day-to-day sentences may lead us to think of ourselves as the subject in our lives – the captain of the universe, master of our own destiny – even as we profess God to be the center of our lives.

Might I suggest then, that we no longer think or ask questions with the first-person pronoun(s) as the subject, but rather object, with God being the only subject? To change “What do I want to do?” to “What does God want to do with my life?”, and “Can/should/want I do this?” to “Is this what God wants me to do?”, knowing full well that nothing is beyond God’s authority.

Perhaps paradoxically, we should concern ourselves with God’s concerns, not our own. To deny ourselves, and replace it with the cross granted by Christ. To lose our lives, only to take it up eternally in Christ.



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